3 Reasons Why You Should Board Your Cat Before Having Your Carpets Cleaned

Having your cat boarded is something that pet owners often only think of when they're going on a vacation, business trip, or away from home for another reason. However, those aren't the only good times to do it. If you're about to have carpet cleaning done in your home, it might be a good time to have your cat taken to a safe boarding facility, like Marquette Animal Hospital. Here are three reasons why you should consider it.


Cats tend to be afraid of vacuums and the noise that they make, so consider how noisy a carpet cleaner can be. Whether you're cleaning your carpets yourself or hiring someone else to do it, the noise could be absolutely terrifying for your cat. Even locking them up in another part of the house isn't necessarily enough to protect them, as cats have much more sensitive ears than humans. They will still be able to hear the noise, and without the ability to see what's creating it, they could be even more afraid.


Not all carpet cleaners are toxic, but many are. Even if the carpet cleaning company you're working with tells you that it's safe for pets, there's always some danger in carpet cleaning for cats.

For example, if your carpet cleaner is using a carpet cleaning solvent that's dangerous for pets, that's a problem in and of itself. However, even if your carpet cleaner is using something as simple as water to create steam, that doesn't mean it's safe for your kitty. That steam is releasing old dirt and toxins from your carpet that will rise to the surface, where your cat could walk across them. Anything your cat's paws come in contact with will eventually make it into their mouths, since they groom themselves on a regular basis. To make matters worse, carpets can take hours or even days to thoroughly dry, so your cat would have to spend a long time locked up in a room without carpet to be safe.

Danger of Escape

Lastly, keep in mind that professional carpet cleaners tend to come and go on a regular basis. They come in with equipment, set up equipment, and are constantly carrying things to and from their vehicles outdoors. This means that at least one door leading from your home will likely be open on a regular basis, which could be all your cat needs to bolt out the door. Your cat may be more likely to try and flee, even if they typically never want to go outdoors, once the noise begins.

Taking your cat to a boarding facility is a great way of keeping them safe while you have your home's carpet cleaned. If you're at all concerned about your cat's welfare while you're taking steps to make your home nicer and cleaner, drop them off at an animal boarding facility before you begin.

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