What To Do If Your Cat's Tooth Falls Out

Realizing that your cat's tooth has fallen out can be alarming, especially if you didn't know that your cat had an oral health problem. If your cat is past the age of kittenhood, there's no normal reason for a tooth to fall out. Here's what you should do if you've found that your cat has lost a tooth.

Check for Bleeding and Injury

Cats' teeth can fall out for a wide variety of reasons. Your cat could be injured or have severe dental disease. As a result, it's important to check your cat's mouth.

If possible, try and locate where the tooth has fallen out from. Then, look for signs of injury and bleeding. If your cat has a visible injury, especially if there's debris stuck in the wound, you should visit a professional veterinarian immediately. Bleeding can also become dangerous, so seek medical attention.

If your cat doesn't have a noticeable injury and there's no bleeding, the problem may be in the health of their gums. While this still requires medical attention, it's not as emergent a need as an injury.

Collect Tooth

Cats can't have their teeth put back in like people can, but there's still a good reason to find and collect your cat's missing tooth.

The tooth itself can be an excellent troubleshooting tool for your veterinarian. Examining the tooth can tell your vet if the root of your cat's tooth has also fallen out or not. They can also determine if there's visible trauma to the tooth, which may indicate that an injury has occured. Furthermore, it will help them to know if the entire tooth came out or if part of it is still in your cat's gums.

To collect your cat's tooth, simply pick it up in a tissue, wrap it up, and store it somewhere where it won't get wet or lost. Bring it with you when you go to the vet's office.

Visit Vet

Your vet will want to examine your cat, possibly both visually and with x-rays. A visual exam will allow them to figure out where the tooth has come from and to look for signs of injury or disease. The x-ray will reveal if there are problems going on under the surface of the gums, like bone loss or a severe injury.

While your cat can make it without a tooth, your vet will work with you to ensure that this doesn't happen again so your cat can have a mostly full mouth of teeth.

Tooth loss is normal for kittens as they transition from milk teeth to adult teeth, but if your adult cat has lost one or more teeth, it's the sign of a major problem. Visit a veterinarian to have your cat treated for its tooth loss.

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