Worried About Your Dog Getting Dehydrated? 4 Ways To Increase Its Water Consumption

If you're worried that your dog isn't getting enough water, it's time to take a more proactive approach. Dehydration can spell disaster for your dog, especially if it's going days on end without approaching the water bowl. Most dogs will head for the water bowl as soon as they're thirsty. However, there are times when they just won't want to drink, such as when they're sick. If your dog is refusing to drink enough water, here are four simple tricks you can try to keep it properly hydrated.

Try a Variety of Bowls

You might not realize this, but dogs are a lot like kids, especially when it comes to drinking water. If you've ever seen a kid refuse to drink out of the wrong cup, you understand the dilemma. If your dog is refusing to drink from the bowl, it might be trying to tell you something. Try offering a variety of bowls, including ceramic and metal. It's also a good idea to place water bowls in a few different places throughout the house. Your dog may not feel like walking to the other room to grab a drink of water.

Install a Drinking Fountain

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, it might be time to invest in a canine drinking fountain. Water that sits outside in a bowl all day can get dirty, which can change the taste considerably. However, with a canine drinking fountain, your dog will get fresh, clean water every time it takes a drink. Canine drinking fountains are also a great option for senior dogs who are experiencing arthritis or other mobility issues. If you have a senior dog, you'll want to get a canine drinking fountain. It will be able to stay hydrated without the pain associated with trying to bend down to reach the bowls.

Sneak It in With the Food

If your dog just flat refuses to drink water, try sneaking it in with the food. Adding water to your dogs dry food will allow it to get the water it needs, without actually making your dog drink from a bowl. If your dog prefers canned food, it's already getting added moisture from the food it's eating.

Give It Some Flavor

If you've tried everything, and your dog still refuses to drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day, try adding some flavor. Fill a clean bowl with water and then add about a ¼ cup of chicken or beef broth. The added flavor will entice your dog to drink more water.

When it comes to the health of your dog, you've got to make sure it drinks plenty of water. If your dog is still refusing to drink, you'll need to schedule an appointment with an emergency vet. Your dog may have an underlying health issue that will need to be resolved.

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