What Can You Do If You Can't Afford To Pay For Your Pet's Care?

It's easy for those with the funds to take their pet to the vet to tell those who are in financial struggles not to have a pet if you can't afford their care. What can you do if you can't afford pet or dog care for your pet? There are some options open to you.

Humane Society

If you find you definitely can't afford to take your pet to your regular vet, then contact your local humane society or animal shelter. It's possible that they may offer you veterinary care within their offices or may give you vouchers or references to take to your pet to another professional who will either charge a reduced rate or offer a payment plan to you.

Often times, the humane society and animal shelters work with rescues to help any animal they have taken in at reduced costs. You can contact any local rescue groups for references as well.

Offer a Trade

One option you can try is to offer a trade of services or work that you are skilled with in exchange for their help with your pet. For example, if you are a landscaper or writer or you clean houses for a living, you can offer to exchange some work or service in payment. You might find that many vets will agree to help if you offer a trade of service or work that you are able to do for them that they might need.

Veterinary Schools

Just like you will find with dental schools, you can contact a veterinary school and ask if their students offer a reduced rate care for pets. There are some schools that will take unique cases and sometimes more common issues to use as a teaching tool. They need real patients to work on and, as with the dental students, they will ask the public to bring their pets in to receive care.

Insurance Programs

There are insurance programs you can apply for if you can't afford care for your pet. Services such as CareCredit offer plans to get your pet care while you pay a monthly amount – usually very reasonable and interest-free for a year, back to the company until it's paid off.

You can also start a savings plan if you are able to. Try to put a little bit away each month that will go toward your pet's care should they need it.

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