What To Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Something Poisonous

Dogs are very curious animals. They sniff anything and everything, and every single thing that falls to the floor they think is theirs (whether it is food or not). This makes it pretty easy for your dog to swallow something that could potentially be harmful for him. What if you don't notice your dog eating something that isn't good for him though? See below for information about what to do if your dog eats something poisonous and how you can tell.

Signs Of Poison Ingestion

The signs of a poison ingestion may look different in every dog, and you may not even notice the symptoms at all. If you see anything out of the ordinary laying around, or see something that looks like it was chewed, take a sample of what it was to help the veterinarian treat your dog. Then get your dog to the veterinarian right away. If you don't see anything that your dog may have eaten, but notice the symptoms below, take your dog to the veterinarian or animal hospital right away and take note of the symptoms.

  • Excessive vomiting or diahrrea
  • Lack of energy
  • Seizures or tremors
  • Excessive drooling
  • Heavy breathing

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, get him to the veterinarian or animal hospital immediately for care.

What You Should Do

If you have spotted the above symptoms, take your dog to the veterinarian or animal hospital. Try to keep your dog calm and cool, especially if he is running a fever or is breathing heavily. Do not attempt to try any type of first aid (such as inducing vomiting) on your dog, you could potentially make things worse for your beloved pet. 

How To Protect Your Dog

Keep things out of reach of your dog. If you have rodent poison or other types of poison laying around, put it in a cabinet up high so that your pet (or small children in your home) cannot reach it. Place poison or traps in a place where it cannot be reached by children or pets. Keep other household items such as cleaners and detergents in a secure cabinet. Always place garbage in the can and use a can that has a secure lid so your dog cannot get inside. Keep a close eye on your dog when he is outside and watch to be sure he isn't getting into something that he shouldn't be.

Your dog is curious, help protect him by putting away items that could potentially harm your furry pal. Keep a close eye on him and if you spot anything unusual, get him to the veterinarian right away.

For more information, contact a professional such as Robert Irelan DVM.

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