3 Good Ways To Keep Your Pup's Breath Smelling Fresh

Most dogs don't have the most pleasant-smelling breath, but that doesn't mean your pooch has to be one of them. Typically, dogs have bad breath because their teeth and gums aren't getting the best care. By following these easy tips, you can improve the smell of your dog's breath and help to reduce their risk of losing teeth.

Water Additives

Water additives are a popular products for pets to help cut down on bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria can potentially cause stinky breath, gum disease, or even plaque on teeth. For these reasons, it's a great idea to do everything you can to keep it in check.

Water additives can be added to any source of water that your dog normally drinks from. Most of them have little to no flavor, so your dog shouldn't be bothered by the taste. Simply by drinking it daily, your dog will have less bacteria in their mouth and their breath should smell better as a result.


Some pet parents don't like to think about it, but the reality is that every dog needs its teeth brushed. Your dog eats daily and the leftover bits of food in the mouth provide fuel to oral bacteria, just like a human's. Without brushing their teeth, this will eventually increase the production of plaque and tartar and potentially cause gum problems, too.

For most dogs, brushing their teeth is easy. You should choose a pet toothpaste that's safe for dogs and allow them the opportunity to lick it off the brush before you try brushing their teeth. Let them get comfortable with the taste before trying. When you're ready, just pull up the side of their lip and gently brush their teeth like you do your own. With regular care, your dog's breath and overall oral health will improve.

Vet Check-Ups

If your dog's breath is already bad, it could mean that there's already an oral health problem. At this point, it's a good idea to call in an expert. Take your dog to the veterinarian's office and ask for a dental examination. Your vet will physically examine your dog and perform x-rays if they feel they're necessary. If any problems are found, your vet can treat them then and there and save your dog from needless pain. Alternatively, you'll be sent home with a clean bill of health and be able to enact the first two tips to keep your dog's breath smelling good.

Smelly dog breath is annoying and often one of the first signs of a problem that pet parents notice. If you're bothered by your dog's breath, take steps to improve it and make sure to visit a vet regularly for check-ups. For more information, talk with a professional such as Brian E Hall

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