Three Myths About Having Your Pet Fixed

For most pet owners, caring for their animal is something that they give great importance, and it may even be a source of stress. Spaying and neutering animals is something that can help prevent overpopulation, but it is a topic that pet owners are often poorly informed about due to the prevalence of several misconceptions.

Myth: Spaying Or Neutering Your Pet Will Have Negative Effects On Your Pet's Personality

There is a frequently believed notion that having your animal spayed or neutered will have negative impacts on its overall personality. Yet, this is little more than an urban myth, as your pet will experience few if any personality changes as a result of being spayed or neutered. Often, people will assume this is the case due to their animal appearing lethargic in the days after this procedure is done, but this is a normal part of the recovery process and should pass fairly quickly. Typically, the only long-term personality change will be that your animal will be much less territorial and prone to marking, which can both be extremely beneficial to pet owners.

Myth: It Is Only Needed If Your Pet Stays Outdoors

Another assumption that pet owners may have is that they only need to worry about having their animal fixed if it spends significant amounts of time outside. Yet, it is prudent for pet owners to have their animal fixed even if it will be spending the bulk of its time inside. While this may seem counterintuitive, it can protect your animal in the event that it gets outside. Additionally, having this procedure done may provide some long-term health benefits to your animals, such as a greatly reduced risk of encountering serious reproductive system issues like cysts, tumors and hormonal imbalances.

Myth: It Is Too Expensive To Have Your Animal Spayed Or Neutered

For pet owners who assume having an animal fixed will be extremely expensive, it can be easy to delay or avoid having this procedure done. Yet, pet spaying and neutering is a fairly inexpensive procedure to have done. Furthermore, there are many veterinary offices that will allow clients to make payments or opt for reduced spaying and neutering costs. Lastly, there are charities that will help individuals with having this procedure done to their animal. By taking advantage of these options, you will be able to help do your part to combat overpopulation without having to pay more than necessary for this type of procedure.

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